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(Ensemble Stars Event) Transform! Cinderella's Grand Stage prologue 1

This is a collaboration with Chika, so far I translated it while she edited this chapter. We might switch around for later chapters, but in any case, we are super super excited for this event and we hope you enjoy reading this event as much as we did!!

Mao: Vice President, I've completed these documents. If there's anything else I'll finish it up quickly.

Keito: Yes. I appreciate your diligence. Other members of the student council just say “good job!” and leave as soon as they’re done with their own work

Keito: That being said, I cannot endorse working for prolonged hours. It will reduce your motivation and work efficiency.

Keito: Though ideally, we should deal with paperwork the same day so that it doesn't pile up. Of course, things don't always go as planned.

Keito: Isara. The “school festival” is coming up soon. We shall be even busier than before, so you may need to prepare yourself for all-nighters.

Mao: I know. After all, the student council's duties covers a wide range of tasks.

Mao: We won't be able to cover everything with just the members of the student council since in addition to making the rounds and other routine tasks, they say that a lot of the general public will be coming in for the “school festival.”

Keito: Indeed. The student council hasn't reached an agreement yet. At this rate, I have my doubts as to whether the “Festival Eve” that is supposed to occur before the “School Festival” will even take place.

Mao: I’m sorry... I'm partially responsible for the current situation too, so I'll do everything I can to help.

Keito: Hm. You stick to your principles yet, you'll only weaken the value of an apology if you are so quick to apologize.

Keito: Well, it’s fine. You complete most tasks competently, so even if you didn't ask [for work], I will make you work hard.

Keito: Closely examine what the specifics are for the ‘school festival’ programs.

Keito: It's been decided that those in the idol course are to appear in programs as a ‘unit,’ so there may be more programs.

Keito: I would like for you to examine them closely, collect proposals for programs that are worthy of consideration, and place them in a box.

Mao: Got i~t. So, I'll get started right away

Keito: (Hm. I can probably trust Isara to do this)

Keito: (Strictly speaking, the student council is in charge of publicizing and creating pamphlets for the ‘school festival’, but we don't have the time to undertake these tasks.)

Keito: (I have no choice, I'll leave it to broadcast committee... There are also some tasks here and there that I need to appropriately delegate. My head is hurting from this.)

- while the "灰かぶり" title is literally "ash covered", this is the word used for Cinderella in Japanese, and later parts of the story used this to refer to Cinderella as well, hence our decision to use "Cinderella Grand Stage" instead of "Ash-covered Grand Stage"
- "Festival Eve" live has been translated by others as "Eve Before The Festival" or something similar before. In any case, this is the live that was covered by events such as Band Ensemble, and is referred to in the current gacha story with Makoto and Izumi