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(ensemble stars event) recollection! monochrome checkmate chp. 3: the killer's anthem 3

As usual I worked on this with Chika. She has a copy on her blog with more screencaps so if that's what you prefer please check that out...!!

Tsumugi: Umm. Who might this be? From his uniform I would guess that he's from our school but... I don't think I remember seeing him around

Leo: Wahaha! That's right, that's right, Because the kind of genius who hardly ever goes to school!

Izumi: Don't brag about that! How could you make yourself scarce at school after you made me one of your accomplices.*1

Izumi: Hey, if you hate going to school that much, why don’t you just quit?

Leo: Whaa~... I’d feel bad if I just quit halfway through. My parents did already paid for my school expenses.

Leo: And all I have is my music~ plus, I'm bad at studying other things so a regular school is a no-go.

Izumi: Then, make up your mind and come to school or something. Go to class and follow through with your work as an idol... do things the right way. If you try, you can succeed?

Leo: Mmm, even though you say so, Sena, things aren’t that easy.

Tsumugi: Haha, I don't know the full story of what’s going on, but it seems like you two are close. So you do have friends, Sena...

Tsumugi: I was worried because you're always alone in class

Izumi: That’s none of your business. And by the way? We aren't really friends

Leo: So mean! We are friends! I love you Sena~ ☆

Izumi: Ugh, don't cling, geez, you're so irritating! How do you have so much energy even though your arm is broken?!

Eichi: (...Seems like quite the commotion outside)

Eichi: (Hm~ It’s inexplicably piquing my interest, I'll go look out the window)

Eichi: (Haha, although I have no interest in the supernatural, is this what they call a strike of divine inspiration?)*2

Eichi: (Huh? I can see some rambunctious kids outside of the hospital from the window? Tsumugi and... I believe that's Sena from my class?)

Eichi: (Hm? And there’s another person. Who could that be? That small one...?)

Eichi: (I've seen him before. Hmmm~.... Oh, I remember now)

Eichi: (From that photo of Keito, the one where he made it pretty far in the archery competition )

Eichi: (He was doing really well, but there was someone his age who was amazing and he missed out on the championship, I believe.)

Eichi: (Keito was really frustrated to tears, and he kicked away a statue of a Buddha in a fit of rage, and was punched by his brother... He was unexpectedly quite hot-blooded about the whole affair)

Eichi: (Haha. That's right, that was during elementary school. How nostalgic, Keito was adorable back then)

Eichi: (Even though he was my trusted confidant, a childhood friend who's even closer to me than family. Now, I have no idea what he’s even thinking)

Eichi: (Ah, and now I’m in a sentimental mood...This won’t do. I don’t think I’ve become so out of touch that I‘d be thinking back to the old days)

Leo: Dummy! Sena you dummy! Stupid idiot! Die!

Eichi: Wha-?!

Leo: Leaving poor old me in a hospital! You monster! The devil! Are pretty people being nice just a fiction found in Shoujo manga !?*3

Leo: Ah! Sena! He’s covering his ears and trying to dash away!

Leo: I can see you from the window! Don’t go~ Don’t leave me! You dummy! You big bully!

Eichi: Um...?

Leo: Mm? Ah, sorry! I guess there are other patients here too, so I can’t be loud! I know! I’ll be a good boy!

Eichi: Er...?

Leo: Hey, hey! Do you have something that’s the size of my palm?

Eichi: Mm? I don’t understand why you ask but, there’s the fruit basket Tsumugi left behind. Would you like to have some?

Leo: Ah, perfect! My tummy is rumbling!

Eichi: ...Please help yourself. You can have the whole basket. I can’t eat food that isn’t approved by the doctors and nutritionists anyway.

Eichi: It’d be a waste for them to rot.

Eichi: I’d appreciate it if you ate them in my stead

Leo: I see! So I’m doing a good thing! So I’ll eat half, and chuck the other half at Sena.

Leo: Sena~! Eat this~! Die from an apple induced brain contusion~!

Eichi: Hey, hey, you shouldn’t play with food. Don’t you think it’s rude to the farmers who worked really hard to produce it?

Leo: I do! Waah, I did something bad! Sorry farmers!

Leo: But! Then, what should I do with this pain of being left behind by Sena?

Leo: My arm is broken, and I’ve no instruments so I can’t play anything~ So all I can do is sing!

Leo: Listen to this! My song! The “Sena is a Mean Bully Who Should Grow Mold All Over HIs Body and Die in Agony” Song! Written and composed by Tsukinaga Leo...!

Leo: ♪~♪~♪

Eichi: (Tsukinaga Leo... Hmm, so that’s his name)

Eichi: (I don’t understand what’s happening but, what’s with him? He’s a strange boy!)

*1 身内 carries various connotations here; one a closeness or familiarity, and two, followers/henchmen. I think both come into play here but couldn’t quite think of the perfect word for it so footnotes it is.
*2 Eichi used the word 霊感 here which means inspiration (and is the kanji used for Leo's 'Inspiration', even if he ends up reading that word in English), but also means 'ability to sense the supernatural'.
*3 Referring to how everyone in shoujo manga tends to be impossibly beautiful and kind

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