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[ ensemble stars : rainy seasons blossom 1 ]

I'll make this pretty later.

Summary: The twins who can't do lives or lessons with the rainy season went to the light music club room, to find Rei missing and the transfer student's jacket left behind....

Yuuta: Ah, it's raining again. When the rainy seasons start, the weather is really unstable.
Yuuta: "Is it actually sunny?" at the moment I go out thinking that it rains and I've to scramble to find a shelter. I wonder if the rainy season would end soon...?
Hinata: Yuuta-kun, don't be so gloomy~ Poke poke
Yuuta: Don't just go around poking someone's cheek like that, aniki. Though, aniki, you're pointlessly cheerful aren't you?
Yuuta: It's been raining lately so we can't play outside, so I thought you would be pretty angry but...?
Hinata: Even if we can't play outside, there's fun things we can do despite the rain
Hinata: So that being said, Yuuta-kun, do you want to play trump? Or Poker? UNO is okay too
Yuuta: I was thinking your pocket was weirdly swollen, so it's because you stuffed it with things to play with? If the teachers find out they'd confiscate it you know?
Hinata: Nisshisshi, I hide it in my desk during lessons~ If I put it in a western book-like case, I can also pretend I'm reading a book so
Yuuta: Uwah, showing off such inconsequential thing like it's so wise... Aniki, you're free right? Then, go get a job.

Hinata: Even if you say job, it's gonna be indoors. There seem to be some lives outside here and there, but that seemed to have stopped because of the rain?
Hinata: Indoor lives is limited to space like the auditorium. Even if we think of borrowing it now, we can't borrow it if we don't have any funds here in school
Hinata: On top of it, even if we think of doing lessons, there's nowhere that's open~ It's really difficult~
Yuuta: As an idol who can't do lives, can't do lessons, it feels like, what's the point?
Yuuta: Let's ask Anzu-san to promote us, and introduce us to some jobs

Hinata: Yuuta-kun, do you want a job that badly?
Hinata: Got it, then oniichan will look for a job! Since I'm the oniichan, making my brother's wish come true is my job!
Yuuta: Eh~... The jobs aniki find are all those that sell we're "twins"
Yuuta: Though I guess I'm the one who told you to go find one
Yuuta: Nonetheless, let's go ask Anzu-san
Yuuta: Since she's "Producer" she's in great demand by "units" here and there, so it might not be easy to catch her but
Yuuta: I think she'd listen to us
Yuuta: Anzu-san's job is a "producer" that aids us idol so, she's always eager about it

Hinata: Yuuta-kun, I have something serious to say
Yuuta: What is it, all of a sudden? When Aniki say that, it's usually when you're thinking of "good-for-nothing" things
Hinata: So mean, Yuuta-kun! I'm hurt
Hinata: Consolation, squeeze squeeze
Yuuta: Don't cling like that, it's annoying... So, what's the serious talk? I'm hearing you out anyway, so let go of my hand
Hinata: Yes, yes, Yuuta-kun is a good boy. That's my little brother~

Hinata: Well, the serious thing to say right? Yuuta-kun seemed to have forgotten our initial objective, so I just thought I'd say it
Hinata: We have light music club today don't we? We were heading there, but Yuuta-kun got all fired up about finding a job
Hinata: It's fine to change plans now, but if we don't show our faces, Sakuma-senpai seems like he gets lonely. It's been a while, so I'd like to play instruments too
Yuuta: That's right. I completely forgot.
Yuuta: It's no good, getting impatient isn't good... Is it the stress from this rain?

Yuuta: Aniki, which do you feel like today, guitar or bass? By the way, for me it's bass
Hinata: For me~ Guitar!
Yuuta: Then I'm bass, aniki is guitar. Since it's after school, Sakuma-senpai would be awake too... He would be awake, right?
Hinata: Hmm... I wonder. There are times when Sakuma-senpai is still sound asleep. Maybe he's still asleep now?
Yuuta: So if it comes to it, we'd have to wake him up by playing the flute
Yuuta: At first, I was half in doubt something like that would wake him up, so when he really came out of his coffin I was surprised
Hinata: That was a bit of a horror
Hinata: When the coffin lid slowly opened, you let out a loud voice the moment we saw Sakuma-senpai's disheveled hair

Hinata: I was also surprised by that I could barely keep standing
Yuuta: D-don't remind me aniki. I was really scared then okay!?
Hinata: Yeah, Yuuta-kun you totally passed out with your eyes open
Hinata: Though you won't pass out from this, you'd also scream when a mosquito fly into the room. Yuuta-kun is so cute
Hinata: But no matter the threat, oniichan will protect you. Yu-u-ta-ku~n
Yuuta: I told you not to cling. To begin with, it's your fault I'm bad with bugs
Hinata: Huh, is that so?
Yuuta: That's right, though you're the worst for forgetting it aniki! Though it's better for bugs to disappear from this earth
Yuuta: Whoops, aniki. There's the light music club... Eh?
Hinata: Yuuta-kun what's wrong? You suddenly stopped in place, did you find a bug?
Yuuta: I didn't... See, the club room door. Isn't it a little bit open? Did someone get here before us?
Hinata: Ah, you're right. It might be Oogami-senpai, he's a serious person, even if he doesn't look like it
Yuuta: That's rude aniki... Anyway let's go check inside