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(ensemble stars event) recollection! monochrome checkmate chp. 2: the killer's anthem 2

As usual I worked on this with Chika. Her copy on her blog has the screencaps for this chapter, I'm posting this because there was a request for DW copy...!!

Izumi: Are you an idiot!?

Izumi: You idiot, you idiot, you idiot! Causing such a ruckus!

Izumi: Worst case scenario you won’t just get suspended, you’ll get expelled. We don’t go to a normal school, okay?

Izumi: I keep telling you this, but be more self-aware that you’re an idol?

Izumi: If you don’t like someone, instead of trying to hit them, take a deep breath and think about how to handle it! It’s simple, so simple!

Izumi: Public opinion!*1 Reputation is everything! If you punch someone, your life as an idol is over!

Izumi: Though this time, it looks like Hasumi smoothed things over. But there won’t be next time. Think about what you’ve done!

Leo: Stop nagging me! What are you, my mom!?

Izumi: Excuse me? You’re causing me problems because your mother didn’t teach you right.

Izumi: I wonder what kind of parents you have, aah, man, I’m so irritated!

Leo: Ack! Don’t pinch my cheeks! Sena, you bully!

Leo: Also don’t badmouth my mom~ You can make fun of me all you want, but those who mock my family can go die!

Izumi: I’m criticizing you, not your family?

Izumi: If you’re thinking of your parents, live a little more seriously, don’t go around doing things that’ll have people talking behind your back!?

Leo: Aah~ ugh~! Shut up! I told you to stop nagging me~! Sena, you idiot! You're smart but an idiot! Stu~pid, stu~pid! Poopyhead!

Izumi: Are you in grade school?! You have like, no command of language. Can’t believe you’re a respected professional composer/songwriter...

Izumi: If anything, I’m impressed.

Leo: Hehe, it's because I'm good at composing! Because I'm a genius! I can’t vouch for my lyrics so I ask Ruka-boo.*2

Leo: She’s also a genius~ Wahaha ♪

Izumi: I guess ‘geniuses’ are a dime a dozen. Well, in this field that can happen. Ruka? Who's that? You say that name sometimes though?

Leo: I never told you? She’s my sister! You met her before right, Sena?

Izumi: Ah... Was she the kid who peeked from behind a door quietly when I came over to your house?

Izumi: When I tried talking to her she ran away, I still don’t know what she looks like though?

Leo: She's shy~ Even though she's so cute! Wanna see her photo? Actually no, I insist!

Leo: Look, look, my phone is full of her photos... ☆

Leo: ...Huh? Where’s my phone?

Izumi: Aah, did you drop your phone again?

Izumi: Unbelievable! Are you seriously that dumb?! Recklessly dropping something so full of personal information!

Izumi: Well, I made you set a password unlock so... even if some bad guy were to find it, it’ll be okay to an extent

Izumi: Shouldn't you still call the phone company and tell them to disable it, though?

Leo: Hm~? I don't know how! Sena, do it for me~♪

Izumi: ...You do know I’m not, like, your servant?

Leo: It’s fine! Don’t you like taking care of people~ You're also a hundred times better than me at everything!

Leo: I can relax and let you take care of it, Sena. Wahaha ☆

Izumi: Honestly, what a pain.

Leo: Don't say that! I'm counting on you, no, no, I owe you one!

Leo: If you weren’t here, I think I’d quickly get fed up with everything and quit being an idol.

Izumi: You get fed up with things too quickly. Are you a child? You’re talented, so try and stick with it.

Izumi: Learn to put up with tough times, grit your teeth, and fight till the bitter end... And grow up

Leo: Aa~ah! No~! I don't wanna grow up!

Izumi: Hey, like, don't just openly yell something like that in a public place like this!

Tsumugi: ...huh? I thought I heard some lively conversation! Hello~ ♪

Leo: Huh? Who the heck?

Izumi: Ah, you don't know him, huh... It's Aoba from my class

Izumi: What are you doing here at the hospital? Ah... did our homeroom teacher ask you to visit the rich kid?

Tsumugi: Yes~ I went to visit Eichi. I was pretty nervous about it, but after talking to him it turns out he's a good, easy to talk to person~ ♪

Tsumugi: If you have time, please visit him too, Sena. Eichi seems kind of lonely

Tsumugi: Well, setting that aside, why are you here at the hospital? Are you unwell?

Tsumugi: Please take care of yourself. Would you like this good health charm*3? I have lots of them~ ♪

Tsumugi: My mother buys every charm she sees, so I already have a whole closet’s worth of them!

Tsumugi: Here, let me put this cute one on your bag...♪

Izumi: No thanks, and don't just touch my bag like that. I don't need a charm, I don't like asking the gods for help.

Izumi: Anyway, I’m just keeping this guy company.

Izumi: Seems like a few days ago, this idiot broke his arm? I don't really know what happened because I wasn't there, but I heard he caused a scene.

Izumi: And then, despite the fact he had to go to the hospital to get his arm fixed, he kept running around shouting “I hate hospitals!”...

Izumi: I had to drag him here by the collar

Leo: But I don’t like hospitals, it’s boring here and they stink of medicine! And there’s a bunch of people who wanna jab you with needles and make you take medicine!

Izumi: That's literally the doctor... God, I seriously feel like I'm babysitting

*1 Literally, a profession where having public favor is everything.
*2Note, Leo calls his little sister “Ruka-tan.” -Tan is a babytalk way of saying -chan.
*3 “Omamori” a charm you can get from Shinto shrines. Hence, Izumi’s comment about not like to rely on [Shinto] gods.

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