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[ ensemble stars : omohide tsuzuri from akatsuki season two single ]

Omohide Tsuzuri
Weaving Memories
Akatsuki (Hasumi Keito (CV. Umehara Yuichiro), Kiryu Kuro (CV. Kamio Shinichiro), Kanzaki Souma (CV. Kaminaga Keisuke))

So Chikan told me that no one translated this yet and since it's one of my favourite season 2 singles... Anyway, I did the romanisation and we collaborated on the translation because Akatsuki songs are hard to translate okay.

Anyway we love Keito, and we love Keito and Eichi, and this song is the kenka matsuri/quarrel fes/Keito->Eichi song so... Happy birthday Eichi! Keito seriously love you...

English Translation
O wind, carry this wistful flute melody
Calling awake the heart of that day

We cry, we laugh, we fight, we laugh together once more
Remaining innocent as the sands of time thicken
A youthful dream

Though I hold you dear
(Without realising it)
Bit by bit, our paths cross
(Yet once I noticed)
Many years had passed
These forgotten memories

Unleash ourselves and let us exchange blows
Cast it all aside
My unbending conviction
Shall become the majestic daybreak

Shine past, future, and present
And weave together a new dream*1

The bustling of the festival make our heart dance
Surely, you feel the same way?

We look up at the same sky, sharing the same view
Your unfair smile, the same as that day

Come, let us face each other now

On this path we have chosen
Without the slightest regret
(In this place)
We come to understand each other
And walk together with our companions*2

Soar above, my passion that bloomed, sparked at this moment*3
My hopes are dyed
My pride, exposed for you to see*4
Determined and true hearted
Becoming the dawn

For even if they are distorted
These are my irreplaceable memories

Transcending time, and now,
This is the path I've chosen
(Within this place)
Let us clash once more
(Once more)
Let us come to understand each other
Surely, we shall be able to laugh together again

Unleash ourselves and let us exchange blows
Cast it all aside
My unbending conviction
Could even swallow the sun

Soar above, my passion that bloomed, sparked at this moment
This life shall shine without reserve
The ties between us revel in my heart*5
Weaving on feelings and memories*6

*1: The weave here could also be 'weave' a book, so initially we went with compose as it suits Keito more but to tie in the string/weaving memories image at the end we went with weave here
*2: Kuro's lines are flipped here, because the point of these () parts is that the bracket is one continuous 'line' that also happen to connect with what the others are singing, so for Kuro's line to flow we had to change the order of 'this place' and 'entirely' (literally 'it's impossible to')
*3: This has a 'firework' feel, that the passion is sparked and it blooms like a firework in that one moment, which suits the festival image, and also the image is that it only sparks 'now', it's ephemeral, like a firework
*4: Literally to show my pride bewithchingly or something like that, BUT IT JUST HAS THIS SEXY QUALITY TO IT as the 'show' that is used here has a coquettish/flirty connotation so we chose this to have that kind of sexy feel to it?
*5 Literally 'play, play, the bond in my chest' but it has a bit of a 'childhood friends' feels between Keito and Eichi, with a slightly childish connotation, but any play with strings (bonds = strings and also weaving) ends up sounding like a musical instrument... We may go back to this eventually
*6 There are two 'omohi' here, and while omohi can be memories it can also be feelings and we both had the impression the two omohi feels like 'feeling and memories'



Kaze yo hakobe, natsukashiki fue no ne wo
Kano hi no kokoro yobiokosuyau ni

Naite, waratte, okotte mata warai ai
Mujaki na mama de kasaneta toki no ha
Osanaki yume yo

Daiji ni omou yue
(Itsuka kara ka)
Sukoshizutsu kakechigae
Souma & Kuro: Ikuseisou
Wasureteita omohi

Toki hanate, saa kobushi wo majieyou
Subete uchisute
Massugu ni tsuranuku waga shinnen wa
Ifuudoudou shokou to nari

Kako wo mirai wo, ima wo terashite
Aratana yumeji tsuzuri yuku

Mune ga odoru matsuri bayashi no kensou
Omae mo kitto, onaji kimochi darou?

Onaji mesen de, onaji sora wo miageta
Ano hi no mama ni, rifujin na egao

Iza muki awan

Eranda kono michi ni
(Kono basho ni)
Koukai wa mijin mo nai
Souma & Keito: Wakachi aeru
Nakama to tomo ni yuku

Mai agare, setsuna ni saku jounetsu yo
Negai wo somete
Adeyakana ni miseru warera ga hokori
Kakkoufudou akatsuki to naru

Tatoe ibitsu de atta to shitemo
Kakegae no nai omohide yo

Toki wo koe, ima
Eranda kono michi de
(Kono basho de)
Mou ichido bustsukariai
(Mou ichido)
Kuro & Keito: Wakari atte
Wariaeru Kitto

Toki hanate, saa kobushi wo majieyou
Subete uchisute
Massugu ni tsuranuku waga shinnen wa
Taiyou sae mo kurau darou

Souma & Kuro: Maiagare, setsuna ni saku jounetsu yo
Kono inochi kitan naku kagayakase
Asobe ya, asobe kizuna no mune ni
Omohi, omohide tsuzuri yukou

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