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[ ensemble stars : character story sakuma ritsu "true ability" chapter 2 ]

Story by Yoshino Yuki
Chapter 1 here
This is the last chapter in this story! Thank you again Wen for helping me word some stuff!!

Ritsu: ~...(music note)
Ritsu: Twirl and turn! A finish matching with the song... (music note)
Ritsu: Fufufu. As expected this is different from the daytime, I can dance through an entire song without even feeling tired
Ritsu: This sharp dance to this singing strength, it's invincible... (music note)
Ritsu: As the soundproof practise room is booked for the whole day for Knights, I can practise all I want until tomorrow comes but
Ritsu: Secchan, Nacchan and even Su~chan had gone home, and doing lessons by myself is bo~ring
Ritsu: Anijya seem to be home, so going straight home is...
Ritsu: I have to make do with sleeping at school. Sleeping outside is fine once or twice, but doing it regularly would make my body start throbbing in pain, nighttime is pretty painful too...
Ritsu: Mm, somehow my throat is dry. I should get buy some lemonade and wet my throat...(music note)

Ritsu: Gulp gulp... (music note) This bubbly feeling is the best, sweet and tingling, I'm going to get hooked
Ritsu: Ah~... Transfer student? Mm, it's the transfer student huh
Ritsu: It's time for good kids to go home, bad kids who stay at the school till this late is going to get eaten whole by vampires
Ritsu: Aah, yeah. That vampire is me. I'm kidding, I'm kidding... I do drink blood, but I don't eat
Ritsu: More than that, isn't it best for you to hurry up and go home? This is the time I'm active, but it's different for you
Ritsu: Yeah. I'm brimming with energy now so, no matter how much I move my body I don't get tired. But I'm hungry
Ritsu: People including you, transfer student, sleep at night but because it's me it's fine eating as much as I want at night. Fufu, isn't that nice~ (music note)
Ritsu: Though my stomach is full from the lemonade so I'm not in the mood to eat though
Ritsu: Mm? Since we met at a good time, show me your performance...?
Ritsu: You haven't given up huh. As a producer you should know Knights' true ability you say, but no one is expecting that from you
Ritsu: Even without you as a producer, we will do as we do
Ritsu: Secchan is obviously troubled too, did you not notice?
Ritsu: Hmm. You do notice but you can't leave out a producer's job?
Ritsu: Geh, you even have a mic. You sure prepare well huh?
Ritsu: Good for you, transfer student. Right now I'm in the best of moods... (music note) My performance that you want to see, I'll give you a special
Ritsu: (singing)

Ritsu: (Transfer student, you're mute with amazement huh. Since you came to this school, you've only really produced Trickstar so)
Ritsu: (It's difficult to talk indifferently after seeing my all)
Ritsu: (You fully realised it huh, the you now, it's not possible for your to produce me... to produce Knights)
Ritsu: (It's troublesome to carry a no-good confidence, so don't carry a fraction of expectation)
Ritsu: (If Knights show our all, it's easy to crush Trickstar, we don't harbour any fear in that)
Ritsu: Okay, It's done. Your impression... I don't have to ask, I can see it on your face
Ritsu: This is my true ability
Ritsu: It's best you learn from this and try to produce us. Secchan is going to nag too.
Ritsu: I'm also not going to participate, maybe I'll just keep yawning, yawn yawn
Ritsu: Trickstar has Ma~kun, so I don't want to do anything awful. But well, if we fight I won't hold back
Ritsu: Knights and Trickstar, without even comparing Knights is on a different level, so we will beat you without mercy
Ritsu: Fufufu, it's not a war declaration. I'm not the substitute leader, in that time it'll be Secchan who approach you
Ritsu: In any case you don't know what monsters lurk in the night, so be careful at night time okay?
Ritsu:Ritsu: ...Nm, that was a joke. Your persistence is annoying so I'm just scaring you
Ritsu: Come on, hurry and go home. Your place is not here, I'm going back to the soundproof room for a bit of lesson though
Ritsu: It's booked for the whole day, so I can sleep there too. No one will be there till dawn, now that place is my world... (music note)