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[ commission info ]

(only accepting short commissions)

Hello! This is a backup page for my Japanese->English translation commissions. I am not taking English->Japanese commissions presently.

I'm presently doing an (apparently?!) advanced level Japanese course in Tokyo, but I operate under EST for easier references as I had been using it before I moved to Japan. On other Japanese language qualifications, I have Japanese second language IBSL diploma. English is effectively my first language, as I have been educated in primarily English language institutions since elementary school.

I am of legal age, and am okay with translating R18 materials. I'm ok with translating furries and various kinks. My only DNW is excessive gore (some is okay). If you're not sure, feel free to ask me - at worst I'll just be turning down your commission - as long as it's 2D/fictional I won't judge!!

Might turn down commissions if I'm not confident I can't do it well (eg. technical terms, difficult texts)

$7 flat-rate for the first 10 pages
- $1/Every 3 pages after
- Extra fees apply for handwritten pages
Flat rate $10 for the first 500 words
- $0.02/Estimate Words
- 2.5 Japanese character = 1 English word
- Extra fees apply for handwritten pages
- Currently not doing audio-based work!
- E-mail me for 'odd' shaped manga .etc

1. Shinmai Maou Crowdfund Project - next part of vol. 9
2. Fanart translation

1. (FREE)

Please feel free to contact pirateaniki at gmail dot com with any inquiries