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[ ensemble stars : rainy seasons blossom 3 ]

Summary: The twins who can't do lives or lessons with the rainy season went to the light music club room, to find Rei missing and the transfer student's jacket left behind....

Rei: Mmm, it's not here too...
Rei: I remember I sat here by the fountain with my umbrella reading a book. When is that memory from?
Rei: Is it today, or yesterday, or perhaps a week ago. Somehow I have a feeling I read it today, and it wouldn't be odd for it to be here but
Rei: Hm? miss transfer student, you're making a strange face
Rei: As it's rainy season and the rain kept falling and stopping, you don't understand the feeling of explicitly going out to read a book?
Rei: I agree with you miss
Rei: Kuku, you're looking even more confused. Miss, what you're thinking of shows on your face.
Rei:: Even so you managed to fight against the student council
Rei:: I heard from a friend, that reading with the sound of rain is a quaint thing, having been told that much I tested it out myself but,
Rei:: The sound of rain against my umbrella was too loud, and I couldn't get in half of the book
Rei: Furthermore, to begin with I'm not into reading. It's difficult for me to find the fun in reading.
Rei: Hmm. Can't you just listen carefully to the rain inside, and there's no need to go out... You say?
Rei: It might be just as you say miss
Rei: That being said, even so I would give up after a few minutes
Rei: I borrowed a pair of glasses especially to read a book with tiny characters, if I lose it I can't face my friend...
Rei: So like this, with you helping me, I'm looking for those glasses
Rei: Just a bit ago, there was rain alongside rumbling thunder
Rei: Just as I hurried to find shelter inside, the rain drizzled down again. Truly, what a strange weather
Rei: Since it stopped now we went out here now but, with how cloudy it is you don't know when it would start again
Rei: You have your own job too miss, I'll be fine, so you should focus on your job
Rei: Hmm. You're holding to the hem of my shirt and shaking your head, seems like you don't want to go back to work huh?
Rei: I'm only dragging you into this. There's no need to worry so much about it you know?
Rei: You were rushing for a lesson when I met you at the hallway weren't you?
Rei: And then helping me find what I lost, you contacted those you're having lessons with to say you'd be late... There's no reason for you to go that far
Rei: Hmm, so you can't leave someone in trouble. That's the job of the idol course 'producer'... you say?
Rei: Looking for a lost item is included in a producer's job too huh, you're an interesting little miss ♪
Rei: However, walking around without an umbrella is worrying you know? Your hair getting wet in the rain...
Rei: Though about that miss, when did you prepare a rain coat?
Rei: ...Hmm, hmm. You took off your gym jacket at the light music club room and took a raincoat in it's place
Rei: Since it may rain again I thought of going back together to the club room temporarily once we get my umbrella but, your preparation is good, miss
Rei: Though as it is, we also can't find my umbrella
Rei: Where did I forget the glasses, losing even my umbrella is very unfortunate. But umbrella is fine, I can buy a new one
Rei: But I can't do that with the glasses. It's something important I borrowed from my friend, buying something similar and returning that is dishonest.
Rei: Miss, do you have a friend too?
Rei: Then be good to your friends... It's not my place to say that to you though
Rei: In any case, let's return to looking for the glasses. As I've said earlier, the umbrella is of low priority. It's just, if we happen to find it while looking for the glasses it would be most satisfactory.
Rei: So, it's best to think where to look next. That is to say, searching at random would just be a waste of time
Rei: Looking through this whole school, would take an entire day
Rei: Miss, give me some time to remember. It feels like it's at the back of my throat

[ it starts raining ]
Rei: ...Hm, though you would wait miss, the weather would not
Rei: Look, rain is beginning to fall again. If we stay here too long it may turn out badly, it's best to take shelter inside
Rei: See, I'm a vampire. I'm weak to water.
Rei: Even though you're wearing a raincoat miss, you wouldn't want to get caught up in the rain right? To go out in the rain on purpose, that would just be like wanko
Rei: Remembering wanko now... Just about now, he would be doing the club activities with the Aois.
Rei: Despite how he looks, wanko is a very caring, good boy. Even without me there, there should not be a problem
Rei: I did leave a note "Out looking for something, please take care", if there's anything my smart phone... Hmm?
Rei: Hmm. The screen is all black, even if I hold on to the switch it won't turn on. Seems like it's completely out of battery.
Rei: Though I carry around this smart phone, I'm no good with digital things.
Rei: Even if I receive a mail saying "I changed my mail address" I have no clue how to change it. I end up noting it down in a notebook.
Rei: Are you planning to change your mail address miss? ...No? That's good to hear ♪
Rei: It would be difficult if I can't contact the producer miss. Well, in that time I could always rely on Wanko or Kaoru-kun instead but
Rei: There'd times when neither would be around. Maybe it's good to get Kaoru-kun to teach me how to change mail address information...?
Rei: Oh, it must be boring listening to an old man's rambling. Beside, the rain is getting heavier. Miss transfer student, let's rush away
Rei: Go on, I'll follow in right after you... ♪