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[ ensemble stars : rainy seasons blossom 2 ]

Summary: The twins who can't do lives or lessons with the rainy season went to the light music club room, to find Rei missing and the transfer student's jacket left behind....

Yuuta: Sakuma-senpai good morning
Hinata: Oogami-senpai too, good morning
Yuuta: ...Aniki, it seems like Oogami-senpai isn't here
Hinata: Then, someone just forgot for close the door? How careless. Well, there's no problem if light music club gets stolen from
Yuuta: No, we keep some pretty expensive instruments here, so it'd be a huge riot if it's stolen from
Yuuta: In any case, let's wake up Sakuma-senpai. Oogami-senpai would come by in a little bit
Hinata: That's true. Sakuma-senpai, it's time for you to wake up~? Wake up, wake up, (Flute blowing sound)
Yuuta: ...He's not waking up. Usually, he would come out once we play the flute
Hinata: Maybe he's just deep in his sleep? Ah, Yuuta-kun. Don't get too close to the coffin, you'll get eaten head first you know?
Yuuta: Aniki, you're prone to worrying huh~...? Aniki, don't you notice something about the coffin?
Hinata: Is pointing out how strange it is having a coffin in the light music club room okay? And right now, after all this time?
Yuuta: It's not that, Aniki. There's a gym jersey on top of the coffin. Is that Sakuma-senpai's?
Hinata: Let me see? Hmm, isn't it too small for Sakuma-senpai? It seems too small for me
Yuuta: So someone smaller than us? Did someone come play at the light music club room?
Hinata: Ah wait. I think I've seen this jersey before. Most likely... It's Anzu-san's jersey right? There's her name embroidered on neatly on the chest here
Yuuta: It's definitely Anzu-san's name. Embroidering on her name on the chest, Anzu-san sure is meticulous
Hinata: Within the idol course there are people who's around her size so... It's probably just a precaution so it's not mistaken
Hinata: In any case, why is there Anzu-san's jersey there?
Yuuta: Let's ask Sakuma-senpai. It's odd he didn't wake up when we're this close to the coffin, but he should be sleeping inside
Hinata: Yuuta-kun, stay down. There's a chance Sakuma-senpai will attack the moment it's opened
Hinata: There's no way I'd let a vampire lay a hand on my cute little brother!
Yuuta: The danger is with you Aniki. Then, let's open it together. This coffin is pretty heavy, so it'd be difficult to open it alone
Yuuta: It's possible Sakuma-senpai would drink our blood when we're off-guard
Hinata: Yuuta-kun, you're worried for oniichan huh. I'm so happy to have a kind little brother~ Squeeze
Yuuta: Seriously, how many times do I have to tell you to stop hugging me? Come on, let's hurry and wake Sakuma-senpai and ask him why Anzu-san's jersey is here
Yuuta: Sakuma-senpai, we're waking you up
Hinata: Don't think us as breakfast and drag us in the coffin okay~?
Yuuta: ...
Hinata: ...
Yuuta: He's not here. The bedding seems cold, so it must've been some time since he got up.
Hinata: Sakuma-senpai who suddenly disappeared from his coffin, Anzu-san jersey left on top of the coffin
Hinata: Yuuta-kun, oniichan is realising something unthinkable
Yuuta: Eh, it's just something useless again right? But, I can't really think of anything so tell me your opinion aniki.
Hinata: This is a case, the level of an unsolved mystery.
Hinata: We must find Anzu-san's whereabouts from the little hints, and save Anzu-san from Sakuma-senpai
Yuuta: ...Aniki, don't you just play too much games?
Yuuta: Besides, just because they're both not here isn't evidence that Sakuma-senpai abducted Anzu-san
Hinata: I'm saying oniichan's feeling says that Sakuma-senpai abducted Anzu-san. Well, in any case it's not like we can start club activity without Sakuma-senpai
Hinata: Beside, Yuuta-kun said you wanted Anzu-san to promote us didn't you? While it's offered up here, it's killing two birds with one stone
Yuuta: Aniki, your thought really moves to a strange place...
Yuuta: But, how should we find them? Really, just the jersey is too little of a hint. If there's some sort of a note it'd be good
Hinata: A note huh... Oh, something like that is discovered! Yuuta-kun, there's a paper that fell near the coffin, is this a note?
Yuuta: That's good, if there's a note... Wait, this worm-like handwriting is really hard to read
Yuuta: This, I may be able to read it bu it would take time. Can you read it aniki?
Hinata: Nope, not at all
Hinata: Sakuma-senpai may be half asleep when writing it~ With this hint it would be hard to find the whereabout of them two, so let's find a different way
Yuuta: Aniki, you seem happy about this. Even though I'm back to before and crestfallen
Hinata: Because if there's a note it'd be boring looking for them no? Since we are bored and free, let's welcome this situation
Hinata: So then, let's take this jersey and start asking around for information shall we~?
Hinata: The fundamental part of an investigation is legwork, so if you're slow I'll leave you behind you~
Yuuta: I'm bored too so this is fine too. It doesn't seem like aniki would listen to anything more efficient now anyway
Yuuta: ...Though it'd be good if Anzu-san is alright
Yuuta: Even if there's no way to know if aniki's feeling is right, if it is she would be in danger
Hinata: To begin with, I wonder why Anzu-san came to the light music club room...
Hinata: Eh, Uwah!?
Yuuta: Hii, w-w-w-w-w-what, was that sound! It's just the sound of the window creaking right?
Hinata: It seems like a thunder near here?
Hinata: Ah~.... Seems like the rain got stronger. What should we do, start investigation inside first then once it calms down we look outside?
Yuuta: Y, yeah. Aniki, definitely don't go on ahead. If you leave me I'll eat the pudding in the fridge at home.
Hinata: Yuuta, you're bad with sweet things aren't you? It's full of cream so your chest would get a heartburn from that
Hinata: Though, there's no way I'd leave Yuuta-kun behind
Hinata: Hold my hand, Yuuta-kun
Yuuta: No, we aren't kids so... Ahh really, you seem so happy. Seriously, don't go acting up